The main task of child-rearing is to feed mainly, supplement baby food, and make nutritious children’s meals. Affect children with good moral character and cultivate good habits. According to children’s month’s nerve development guide children’s games, early development training for potential. Master the common knowledge of common diseases in infants and young children, and make health judgments in a timely manner. You can do some simple housework when your child is safe.

In general, the daily workload in Sao childcare 10 or so hours, it may be mentioned are: bathing clothes 2 hours and three meals 3 hours and 2 hours of outdoor activities, cooking before the children nap and sleep at night 2 Ge hours , parents of children during breakfast and dinner care 1 hours.

We recommend giving enough time for parenting and creating a good working environment and working mood. The heartfelt smile of childcare is crucial to your child.
Childcare is divided into primary, intermediate, and advanced levels.
Primary child care 嫂 Participate in training, cook well, and do baby food, according to user requirements. Can do simple potential development training for children. Understand the common diseases of infants and young children, find problems and discuss with the employer in time. Carry out childcare and childbirth work standards, love their work, respect the opinions of employers, and complete tasks better.
In addition to the standard of childcare and childbirth, intermediate child care users must be a good consultant. Can formulate a reasonable feeding and training program, in the potential development and infant feeding can have their own unique, strong ability to adapt, communicate with others, their cooking and service attitude should be the best.

Advanced Parenting  In addition to the standards for intermediate childcare, you must have a high school education or above, have a professional foundation, a health school, a child care professional or a professional system training, and work for more than one and a half years. Grasp the feeding and nutrition, disease prevention and home care for infants and toddlers aged 0-3 years, according to the law of the child’s age and characteristics, through the role of the environment and education, so that the baby in the intelligence, character and other aspects of coordinated development.

Happy Jiacheng’s childcare and education qualifications are all in junior high school or above. For those who have insufficient academic qualifications but good qualifications, we have a requirement of working time— more than one year of service work , and training and simulation for two weeks.

We will also respect your special requirements and give you a reference, or at your request, recruit and ration.