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Joy Jiacheng believes that the reason for the lagging level of Chinese government service is not only the informal training of employees, but also the lack of strict screening, because not everyone is suitable for housekeeping, which depends on her service skills, psychological quality and morality. Concept. In other words, the fundamental reason behind the lagging level of domestic service is the domestic company.

A responsible housekeeping company should strictly monitor personnel training and selection. For example: service skills, internal and external image, personality traits, communication skills, tolerance, moral quality, and so on.
Joy Homestead is positioned as a human resources development company. As a member of the Beijing Foreign Enterprise Human Resources Association (HAR), Joyland Hometown actively participates in various training and exchange activities organized by the Association, and it has appeared through numerous service cases and work. The various issues have summarized and refined the model of the quality of domestic workers in order to guide recruitment.

The service staff of Happy Jiacheng has the following characteristics: good image, high academic qualifications, diversified age of birthplace, short running-in time, high safety factor, and good service skills.
35% of the staff of Joy home-school have college education (including junior college), mainly from Hebei, Hubei, Sichuan, Northeast China, Hunan, Anhui, Shandong, etc., which can meet the differences in language, living habits and other aspects of different employers. Claim. They are mainly retirees from small and medium-sized cities, laid-off women workers and rural women capable people, and a considerable portion of them come from campus recruitment. They are able to master more than two items of housekeeping skills and understand the importance of service processes.

Every newly-added service personnel is required to work after being examined by health and training (certified by the state after passing the training), conducting identity verification, and accompanying interviews.
Although we have made a lot of efforts and achieved certain results, this does not mean that each of our employees can achieve their own standards. This is mainly due to the large labor mobility or the time to join the happy family. Caused by short, therefore, please our customers to give us understanding and tolerance.